Is that crow taunting me?

This is “Nevermore”.  That is the name I have given him.  Like the raven, tapping, tapping, tapping, this crow taunted me all afternoon.  Was he tapping?  Oh no.  Worse.  It was unassuming at first, just the “caw, caw, caw” of a simple crow.  However, the cawing came closer and closer still until he was cawing, cawing, cawing outside my craft room window. 

I have written a poem…

Once upon an afternoon dreary-while I surfed the web till weary-over many a blogs I’ve been meaning to explore-While I clicked, clearly stalling, there suddenly came a calling – as of someone clearly cawing, cawing at my craft room door-Quoth the raven “Craft Some More”.

He was clearly taunting me.  Hopping up and down on his branch, puffy with disdain, staring in my window at me as I sat at my computer getting my daily consumption of the blogosphere.   

So, not wanting to end up like the narrator of Poe’s poem.  I decided to get my craft on.  I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.  I created a set of 5 cards of different color, but with the same pattern paper.  The paper is from Basic Gray – the floral/paisley is from the sultry collection and is called “stylish”.  The grid paper is from the basics white collection and is called manifest.  The embellishments are from K&Company.  They are fab if I do say so myself. 


2 thoughts on “Is that crow taunting me?

  1. Beautiful Erica, cards are simple but elegant. Good for you, don’t let that crow get the better of you!! :o)
    Love the poem, also. Maybe you should take on writing as another hobby, (I mean besides the blog!)

  2. Erica, the cards are really great. I especially like the purple one with the butterfly. But they are all beautiful, I really like the way you put the patterns with the different color papers.
    Sounds like the crow was being a pest, as they can be. Scare him away with a dishpan and a spoon, that is what the president of the University’s wife did one night when we were having class at UNM. It was funny. I like the poem too. See you need to write a book, or maybe even poems, as you are really great at it.
    Did you have another snow day yesterday? Sorry to hear about your plumbing problems this last weekend. Hope your plants will survive and hope you have a better weekend this week. Take Care
    Love You

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