Time to call the plumber


So I didn’t get anything creative done this weekend, again.  What was it this time?  Oh just the joys of owning a 35+ year old house.  (That doesn’t sound that old you say?)  Well when the bathtub fixtures are stripped and corroded and can’t be fixed by just anyone, then it seems pretty old.  We started out thinking we could fix it – the constant stream of hot water leaking from the tub faucet.  I mean really, how hard could it be to replace the hot, cold, and diverter fixture?  Well, lets just say we got to buy some new tools this weekend, a pair of vice grips, a set of plumbing socket wrenches? (I think that is what they are called) and a tub fixture replacement kit (which thankfully Home Depot let us return even though we had already opened it up completely destroying the packaging).  It took us an hour just to get the knobs and the trim off of the actual stems (can you believe I know all this terminology?) and in order to get the trim pieces off we had to use the vice grips because the threads were so corroded.  Well, we got the trim pieces off and then discovered that the kit we bought wouldn’t work with the type of setup that is installed, so we tried to put the trim pieces back on, but no can do.  So, today I called Olson Plumbing and Heating ($82/hr + the cost of any materials – sound about right)  They can’t come out until Friday, so guess what?  I’m taking my personal day on Friday.  Yippee!  They said they “might” be able to just repair the faucet, but if they have to replace it then they will also be cutting into the wall, pulling out drywall, and tile.  (I guess this could be my way to redo the bathroom tile – a good thing).  We’ll see. 

Oh, and my father-in-law and I got our vegetable garden all ready and planted three tomato plants yesterday.  Then last night it snowed again and temps were 28 degrees when I woke up this morning.  I think they aren’t going to make it.  Neither is my basil.  Anyone looking for a teacher in Florida – or somewhere warm?????  


One thought on “Time to call the plumber

  1. OH the joys of home owership!!! Sorry to hear about all the problems, but you were talking about redoing that bathroom right? Maybe the house is trying to get back at you for your plans to leave it :o) Just wondering.

    I heard that you got snow again. If the plants haven’t frozen try the Wallowaters. You can get them at a nursery, a bit pricy but better than to have to keep replacing the plants. You put them around the plants and fill the tubes with water, acts like an insulator. Or they have frost blankets also ask the nursery people which would be best.

    I had some sunflower plants that came up from seed from last year (or the bird seed) they were about a foot tall already and something (squirrels?) desimated them. Ate every bit of every leaf, now they look like some grotesque weed with just skeletal remains. Off to Lowes to get some chicken wire before they find the lettuce and carrots and pomagranets. They ate every one of our pomagranets last year.

    Hope you have a better week. Love you! Mom

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