So many options…

Well, I went through all of my fabric goodies last night and I am so excited about them!  Gorgeous, gorgeous fabric.  So, I went looking for quilt patterns that I could use.  Here are some of the front-runners: 

Maison Bleu – by Crazy Old Ladies 


Rosettes – by Fig Tree Quilts 



 or maybe  

Frosted Squares – by The Pattern Basket? 

Frosted Squares NEW 




4 thoughts on “So many options…

  1. Erica, I vote for the “crazy old ladies” pattern, but I really like the frosted squares pattern too. They will make a great quilt with the beautiful material that your Mom and Dad sent you. Have fun with it.
    Hope you have a wonderful Birthday today.

    Love You

  2. I too vote for the “crazy old ladies” pattern, but I like the “Frosted Squares” too. Hope you had a great birthday! Did my e-card go through. I tried a new site and I’m not sure if it went through to you or not.
    Love ya!


    • Hey,

      I did get your card. It was so pretty. Thank you for sending it. BTW how did you do on your paper, any news yet? Well, I hope you have a great weekend. Would you believe that we have a snow day today. Unbelievable!

      Love, Erica

      • Hey there:
        A grand, I’m glad the card came through. I wasn’t sure b/c usually the site sends me an e-mail when they send out cards and this new site didn’t. Your real present is on the way. Not much, but I hope you enjoy.
        Can’t believe you have snow. Just crazy. Brrrr! My room mate from Alaska keeps telling me that snow is a good thing, to which I keep replying back that I don’t believe that to be true. :0)
        Hope you had a nice birthday.

        Love ya,

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