Happy Early Birthday to Me

Look at the pretty package that was on my front step when I got home today.  Actually this lovely package was in a big box from none other than the “Fat Quarter Shop”!  My mom and dad sent me a treasure trove of goodies for my birthday, which actually isn’t until tomorrow, but who’s keeping track?  Isn’t this wrapping paper adorable?  Oh and that’s Merlin, quality control manager and package inspector.  You know in these times, we have to add on a few more job duties to cut costs, so she has also gained the title of package inspector and ribbon chewer.  She wanted to make sure there were no unusual substances on the bow. 

So, do you want to see what’s inside??? 

Ok, here goes.  A layer cake of French General’s Rural Jardin, a layer cake of Tula Pink’s Plume, a fat quarter bundle of Woodland Bird Teatime Florals III, and a new Olfa rotary cutter (I used my other rotary cutter to *gasp* cut a lot of scrapbook paper).  Oh, happy day!  I feel my creative juices starting to move now and can’t wait to pull these apart and look at each individual piece of fabric.  Thank you, thank you to my wonderful Mom and Dad! 

On a less crafty note, here is some of the other loot I’ve scored this bday.  My husband bought me a Nintendo DSi XL so that I could play games while not being crafty.  I was hooked after I played my BFF’s DS while in Florida.  I am addicted to Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box (it is basically a bunch of mind puzzles that you have to solve-which I find quite fun).  I also got a Crossword game where you can solve crossword puzzles, word searches and anagrams.  Thank you, love of my life! 

And my favorite in-laws got me this lovely scent.  It’s not going to last very long on my dressing table.  This is my new favorite.  Thank you favorite mother and father in law!


One thought on “Happy Early Birthday to Me


    Your card is still sitting on my craft table, I will still mail it out with the payment for the books. ( Erica is my supplier for some of the books that I make into Inspired Memories scrapbooks, the nice spiral bound ones.)
    So happy that you were pleased with all the fabrics. Your pictures are much better than the ones on the fat quarter website, really show the colors!! Can’t wait to see them all.
    So you have opened all your gifts early? Well maybe you have a couple more that will arrive today for you to open. Have to have some surprises.
    Have a wonderful wonderful day!!!
    Love you lots, Mom

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