My Flower Garden In Process

Well, after spending quite a long time cutting and piecing each section for each flower, I have finished and am now ready to assemble each of the flower blocks.  Merlin (my quality control manager – see above) has been meticulously, checking each pile for missing parts and has now deemed them “ready to go”.  Eventually, each block will look like this…


I am excited to see the various patterns in their own flower arrangement.  I love this fabric and each time I look at it I see something new.  One of the patterns actually has a bird in it.  Another looks almost like a fish? A coy perhaps?  Others have little circles and swirls that are subtle and you wouldn’t notice immediately.  That is the fabulosity of Basic Gray.  Their designs are genius.  I’m not sure what to do with this quilt when it is finished.   I might donate it?  Or give it as a Christmas gift.  Again, not sure.  Oh well, I’m sure I’ll think of something.  In the meantime.  I am glad to have these flowers to work on.  Spring has arrived here in Colorado, and thus, so have the spring storms.  Tomorrow’s outlook…SNOW.  Big surprise.  I was planning on going to Denver tomorrow with my MIL for some much needed window shopping and …Cheesecake Factory Lunch!  Yummy!  Oh well, maybe I’ll get to try out my traction control and all wheel drive.  Let’s hope not.  The only good thing is that since I got my front windows tinted to match the back today, I can’t roll down my windows for 3-5 days!  So, the cold will be good, then I won’t be tempted.   Well, hopefully I’ll have another update on the quilt blocks tomorrow.  I’ll be downstairs sewing as long as my toes don’t start to get hypothermia!  Happy Crafting.



One thought on “My Flower Garden In Process

  1. I really like this material and the way that you are putting it together. If you have a problem about what to do with it, you can always put it in my Christmas box. I would love to have that quilt on my bed. Just a suggestion. I think your (quality control manager) is doing a great job. Can I borrow her if I ever decide to finish my Christmas quilt? Don’t let your toes freeze up tonight, take a electric blanket down stairs with you to keep them warm. Keep up the wonderful work, and as always I sure enjoy reading your messages. Happy crafting.

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