Hi Everyone!

Happy Friday!  I am so glad that it is Friday.  It has been a looooooooong week.  One week of CSAP down, one week to go.  I actually feel bad for my students.  You can just tell that they are exhausted, because even though they act like they don’t really care about the tests, it is obvious that they are trying really hard to do well.  Some of them can’t even make it through our regular afternoon classes without falling asleep.  It is draining. 

On a happier note, we only have two more weeks until…SPRING BREAK and for the last three days we have had highs int he 50’s!  Yea!  the glacier in my backyard is slowing starting to melt (uh oh, global warming).  Onto my crafting.  As you can see I’m almost finished with Tigerlily.  I am anxiously awaiting some beads that I had to order online because my local store didn’t have them.  When those come in, then I can finish her up.  Can you believe the amount of beads on this design?  It is so pretty. 


3 thoughts on “Tigerlily

  1. It is beautiful Erica, and all those beads really add to the picture. It takes a great deal of patience to add all those beads, and that is one thing I don’t have–I don’t like doing beads. Great job as always.

    I just got a new catalog from Keepsake Needle Arts yesterday, and they have some new Nora Corbett’s pixie flower patterns. The threee new ones that they are showing are (Lavender, Amaryllis, and Orchid). These are really pretty, you will have to check them out. Do you have anymore pixie patters to work on now?

    Have a great weekend
    Love You

    • Hi Grandma,

      You are so sweet. Thanks for all the wonderful comments. I look forward to getting them from you. I don’t mind the beads too much, but they are tedious sometimes. I do have some other of the pixie flowers, but I do not have any of the ones that you mentioned. I bet they are beautiful. I’ll have to look them up. Hopefully, they will still be around when I finish all of my other projects so that I can get them. My next cross-stitch that I’m going to work on is the Santa one. I started it so long ago I don’t even remember. I think it was the second pattern I ever bought and after finishing that large pink fairy (the one I have in my office), I was so tired of cross-stitching I just started the Santa and then put it away because it is a large pattern. But, I think that I am ready to begin again. I also remember that I bought a different type of linen for the Santa and when I started it I really didn’t like the new linen, so then I bought some of the linen I usually use and had to start all over again. Oh well. By the way, congrats on finishing one of your projects. Tita also finished one she has had for a while. I’m so happy that I could inspire you all. And Mom has finished several of her books, which are so wonderful! I am also glad that your eye is getting better, even if it is little by little. I hope that it continues to improve for you. Well, I better get going, I have some more job applications to fill out. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, and if I don’t talk to you before next week, I hope that you have a wonderful visit with Aunt Vi and Al. How fun for you all. Tell them all I said hello and give them a big hug for me. I wish I could be there to help you all celebrate.

      Love, Erica

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