Astor Manor Pillow – My Version

So, here it is.  My rendition of the astor manor pillow from Moda Bake Shop.  I think it turned out really great.  I did not have a matching jelly roll strip, so I used a scrap that I had and although it doesn’t match, I think it is really fun and complementary.  I also didn’t use jelly roll strips for the ties.  I just cut some honey bun strips that were left over from the front and sewed those on with the raw edges.  I also used vintage lace instead of rick rack.  I think it looks adorable.  My pictures didn’t turn out really fantastically, but they are ok.  They look like two different pillows but I think the flash made the fabric on the back look too light.  It is actually the same white with pink dots as the from.  I think I’m going to make another one.  Believe me, I have plenty of materials to.  Now, where to put it?  I’m thinking the guest bedroom.  Hmmm….


2 thoughts on “Astor Manor Pillow – My Version

  1. Pillow turned out GREAT! Every bite as nice as the Moda one. I like the contrast of the back, very springy. Super job!!!!

  2. Hi Erica, The pillow did turn out great. I thought it was two different pillows at first. Both sides are so pretty, if it was mine I would have to set it one way one day and on the other side the next day. Great Job. I really like it.

    I think I forgot to tell you that I finished another unfinished project, and have a Christmas present done already. I did break down and order something new which I am working on now.

    The pressure is down in my eye, I just hope that the vision will improve. I want to keep crafting. It just takes me longer to get anything done, but I will keep working at it.

    Happy crafting
    Love You

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