Twin Baby Scrapbook – Inspired Memories


So, if this scrapbook doesn’t get you motivated to make something pretty then you need to go out and get some yummy chocolate and a pedicure to brighten your outlook.  Isn’t this fabulous.  No it isn’t my creation.  I did have a small part in it though.  I made the album using my Zutter machine (an amazing invention) and then sent it to my mom who through her business, Inspired Memories, designed the scrapbook.  This was a custom book that my mother in law ordered for the daughter of a friend who was having twins.  It was a difficult order because she wanted space for the babies but also for their 2-year-old sister.  The papers and embellishments are just so wonderful.  Almost makes me want a little one, (ok not really – maybe if I didn’t deal with alternative middle schoolers all day).  (Oh, by the way, I changed my page format a bit.  If you can’t find where to leave a comment there is a link at the end of each new post to click on.  It used to be up at the top.)

So the first picture, if you click on it you’ll get a better close up, is so cute.  The birds on the right hand page are actually flocked!  I know right?  So cute.  I would love to wallpaper a wall with that paper.  Here is another one.  I wish my picture wasn’t so dark, but that sticker of the clothesline pops out and there is actually a wire that the clothes hang off of.  Not to mention that the journaling block is hand done and my mom puts each individual crystal on the line, one at a time (this is all through the book).  Love the SPARKLES!!

This two page spread is for pictures of when the twins meet big sister.  So incredibly adorable.  I just know the family who gets this is going to LOVE it!  They are wonderful people.  I just love the rub on and the teddy bear and panda bear stickers.

Ok, this page has some super neat features.  This is for picture of the girls with their dad.  Look at the adorable animal stickers.  I wonder if she printed off the sayings on the computer.  Mom, would you let us know?  Did you print them on your computer or buy them? 

I have so many pictures, but I will just share a few more for today.  My mother in law loved this page.  She is a butterfly fanatic, huh Tita?  Aren’t these fun?  This and the other page with the flower fairies reminded me of when I was little and had a boxed set of miniature flower fairy books.  I loved that set.  I wonder what ever happened to it.

Ok, one more page today.  All I can say is “Holy Cuteness!”.  That paper has PINK SQUIRRELS on it!!  And the pink sparkle stickers…the pink rick rack…the fuzzy pink flowers….and the amazing pink bunny.  I can’t take it.  How fantastic!

So, take this inspiration and run with it!!  I think I’ll go work on that pillow now.  Hugs, Erica


4 thoughts on “Twin Baby Scrapbook – Inspired Memories

  1. Thank You Erica. I appreciate your sharing the pages with your readers,and your totally unbiased 🙂 praise!!! I had fun with this book after I got past the stumbling block of all the incorporated pieces. I am proud of how it turned out and am so glad that Tita and you liked it so much. I used you and your sister as my inspiration. The butterfly and fairy pages, were my favorite as well, but the farm page came in a close second.
    I did utilize my computer for some of the sayings, some made up myself, others scraplifted from sites with sayings. Megan also was very helpful in finding a website that sold only Twin items. Scrapping Twins, is where I got some of the stickers, papers, and printings.
    Again Thank You for sharing. Looking forward to seeing your pillow pics.

  2. Erica, thanks for posting some of the pages from the twins book that your Mom made. I had heard about it while she was working on it, and I am so glad that I got to see some of the pages. They are really great, and so precious.. It will make a great memory book for the twins. Thanks again.

    I really like the pillow you are making, and will also be anxious to see the new pictures.
    Happy Crafting everyone

    • I’m so glad that I was able to share these with all of you. I hope your crafting is going well and your eye is healing more every day! Love you!

  3. Tita Mora says,
    When I opened the package and saw the cover I was at awe; and then when I opened it and said; ” Holy ….:, This is just beautiful! Before I wrapped the scrapbook I took it to school to show it off.
    When I showed to Grandma Johnson; she was elated to see such a beautiful piece of art. She loves the fact that Big Sister Abby is included.

    Every scrapbook that Mary Ann has made are unique and beautiful.
    Thank you

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