“Winter” Is Done!


Well, friends, “Winter in the Garden” has come to fruition. I finished the last few touches last night. I had to make a run to get the beads to finish off the seedlings. I considered just not adding the beads, but I am glad that I did. They add just a touch of sparkle, which you all know I love.


I did have to substitute one color.  I got to the last parts of the word “winter” and did not have the correct thread.  Now I have so much thread it is ridiculous, so I was quite annoyed that I was completely out of the one color I needed.  So, I had the color that was the next number up.  Now, those of you who work with DMC thread know, sometimes one number will be grey and the next number is purple.  So, this could have turned out badly, but luckily, I already have the “autumn in my garden” finished and hanging on my wall, and the colors are the same for the letters and borders, so I was able to make sure that the color I used was close to the original color.  I think they turned out just fine.

I was not about to run out to the store, again.  So, another project to cross off my list.  I am very excited to be done.  I’ve started working on the Tigerlily cross-stitch, which I started quite a while ago, and was very close to being done with, but it has six different colors of Mill Hill beads and I only have one of the six.  My luck again.  I probably have 20 different packets of Mill Hill beads because Mirabilia and Nora Corbett LOVE to use beads.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the ones needed for this project.  So, off to the store again today to buy them.  I also don’t like to purchase items from this particular store “Ruth’s Stitchery” because the workers there are never friendly and when you ask for help finding an item, they act like you are interrupting their time.  Alas, they are the only store that I have found in the Springs where I can find Mirabilia patterns and a huge selection of Mill Hill beads.  I guess I need to plan ahead and order off the internet.  I hate to patronize businesses that are so unfriendly and grumpy.  Oh well.  Here is a picture of what I have done of “Tigerlily”.  I love this collection of patterns because they are all of beautiful fairies wearing dresses made from the flowers of their names.  So PRETTY!  All of the empty spots are beads!!  Well, hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend.  Apparently we are supposed to get MORE snow tonight.  AHHHHHHH!!!!  Hugs,  E


One thought on ““Winter” Is Done!

  1. Hooray Erica, Winter is beautiful, and another project done. You are really coming along great with all your projects. The beads in the seedlings really add to the picture, I like them.
    The Tiger Lily fairy is going to really be pretty too, and the beads will really add to this picture. What other flower fairies are you going to make?
    I understand how you feel about going to the store where the people are so unfriendly, as we have one here like that. The people at the Stitchers Garden here act like you are a bother too, if you ask them to help you. I am glad that I haven’t had to go back. I wonder why they have to act like that?

    Enjoy stitching, and I hope that you have a great weekend. Who knows maybe you will get a snow day tomorrow.
    Love You

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