New Art for Master Bedroom

Happy Sunday!  I hope you all enjoyed  your Saturday.  I was very busy spending my tax return on home improvements.  We ordered a new garage door and priced out new front doors.  We also bought new paint for our guest room (goodbye macaroni and cheese yellow, hello mellow green)  and a closet organizer system for the guest closet.  Last night I got bit by the craft bug.  I think he was hiding in my couch cushions.  I decided to redo the art pieces that I have hanging over our bed in the master.  They are just simple frames that, originally, I had just put some pretty scrapbook paper in with dicut in the center and a sticker with our initials, but I decided to make them a bit more interesting.  So, I used some left over Basic Gray paper that I had lying around.  It is called “Bellamy” from their Porcelain collection.  It it really fun and graphic, but the colors are subdued in olive greens and peaches and browns and whites. 

Then I cut it to size 8×10 and attached a vintage dicut frame from a stack that I bought quite a while ago.  Inside the frame I attached a key or keys and then attached some flat metal numbers below the key frame.  I really like how they turned out.  They add a nice pop of color to our pale blue room.  Well, I just thought I’d share.  I’m off to make some coffee and get started putting in that closet organizer.  That will be a job, I think.  Hugs. E


2 thoughts on “New Art for Master Bedroom

  1. Happy Sunday Erica,
    Looks like you have been busy. I really like the pictures you made. Are the keys real keys? Where did you find them? They look like really old ones, and I really like how you added them to the pictures, framed them and added the metal numbers too. What a great idea, and so creative. You come up with the greatest ideas.
    Sounds like you are moving ahead with the plans on the house, and also sounds like you have quite a job set for today. Good luck with your project, I hope it goes well for you. Keep up the wonderful work and crafting, but take time to realx and enjoy too.

    Love You So Much

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