Handmade Bookmark

handmade fabric and lace bookmark

Hey everyone!

Remember that bookmark that I told you that I made for my Mom for her birthday?  Well, she was such a sweetheart and took some pictures of it for me to post.  It is made from a honey bun strip (1 1/2″ wide) that I cut to length and then sewed together, wrong sides together.  These are strips from Moda with the pinked edge so I left them unfinished.  I then used a decorative stitch to stitch the two pieces together.  Then, I added four pieces of antique lace trim to the top and the bottom, front and back and sewed them on.  I think it came out rather well.  The folds are there because I had to fold it to fit it into the card.  They will smooth out with use or with an iron.  Thanks so much to my Mom for sending the picture.  She staged it so beautifully for me. 

I also have been working on my Winter WIP.  I have finished the stack of pots and one map.  It looks good as you can see.  Now I have the other map to complete and the “winter” letters.  Then just the border and it’s done!  Yea!  I have also been quite busy painting and cleaning and organizing.  Why you ask.  Well, that’s just another clue to our surprise.  Can’t reveal it yet.  ;o)  Today I will be cleaning out the guest room, repainting and putting in a closet organizer.  Yipee!  Hope you all enjoy your weekend.  Happy crafting!

Hugs, Erica

Winter WIP


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