Home in the City Quilt Top

Home in the City Quilt Top (Sans Borders)

I finished it!!  My “home in the city” quilt top is done (except for the borders).  My wonderful husband posed as quilt hanger for me to take this picture.  I couldn’t quite crop it perfectly but you can see all the blocks nice and clearly.  I just love the color palette of this quilt so bright and fun.  My favorite fabric in this whole collection is the signature Mary Engelbriet cherries in black.  It is just so vivid.  Now on to piecing the scraps for the border.  Hope you all have a great week!  Hugs,  Erica


2 thoughts on “Home in the City Quilt Top

  1. Erica, I really like the way this quilt top came together. I can see where the side panels look like streets, sidewalks etc. Some of them are straight and some curvy and the way you put the material together made it look really beautiful. Yes you know how we all like Mary Engelbreits designs. Great job. You are so ambitious, and energetic, can you send a little of that energy my way? Hope you had a great weekend, and I also hope that you have a great week.

    Love You

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