French General Rouenneries – Quilt Kit

Well, I must tell you I had quite a surprise today.  Let me start this story by  going back a few months to November.  In November, I was browsing the Moda fabric shop and came across a beautiful new line of fabric from French General called Rouenneries.  I fell in love and pre-ordered the quilt kit for the fabric.  oops.  Fast forward two months.  Well, I got a call today from the local shop that carries the fabric to tell me that my kit was ready to pick up.  Imagine my shock (and I’ll be honest, total excitement) at remembering that I’d ordered this fabulous kit.  I am so glad that I pre-ordered it, because I love, love, love it.  The fabrics are so beautiful and very reminiscent of France and all things French, which I love.  So, I have another project to add to my list.  The good news is that I find making quilts to be a fairly quick process once you cut everything out.  I am excited to have the materials for this beauty, especially since most of the other quilts I’m making are for others.  No I won’t tell you who (at least not yet).  This one will be mine, and it will go beautifully with my living room decor when it is finished.  Here are a few pics of some of the fabrics.  There is a whole “layer cake” with 40 different fabrics in that stack.  The fanned out fabrics are the large fat quarter pieces from the kit. 

Rouenneries Quilt Kit

Up Close of Fat Quarters


2 thoughts on “French General Rouenneries – Quilt Kit

  1. What gorgeous colors and fabrics. Is it all cotton or are there other fabrics as well? Very rich looking. How fun for you to get a nice surprise like that. It will go perfectly in you living room!! Good for you!
    Can’t wait to see it completed!

  2. Wow Erica, what beautiful fabric. I can see why you really love this quilt fabric as it is so pretty. I love the colors, and can’t wait to see the finished project. I agree with your MOM it will really look nice in your living room. Way to go. I also like the fabric for the “Home In The City Quilt”. I will be anxious to see that finished project too. You are a busy and ambitious gal, keep up the wonderful work on your hobbies.

    Love You

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