Winter in my Garden – (cont.2)

Winter in my Garden

Hi Friends,

I am steadily making progress on my cross-stitching project.  I have completed about 3/4 of the windows (white lines) and although they look simple, it takes a decent amount of time to stitch all of those little x’s.  I also have the holly? done.  Is it holly or mistletoe??  I can’t quite tell.  One thing I can say is that it is making me yearn for Spring and green grass and flowers.  The weather here is still cold, but today we should be in the 40’s, which we are looking forward to.  Outside of the crafting this week, my students were pretty good, filled with boundless energy that I wish I had some days.  I’m beginning to look toward the future and new opportunities for next year.  Well, I’m hoping to have another post later today or tonight.  I hope you all have a wonderful day today!  Hugs, Erica


One thought on “Winter in my Garden – (cont.2)

  1. Erica, you are coming right along with your cross stitch, great work. How well I know that it takes a decent amoount of time to make those little x’s. I am working on one too, and you can work and work and it doesn’t seem like you got anything done. Happy Stitching and have a great day.
    Love you

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