WIP-Winter in my Garden (cont.)

Winter in my Garden - Update 01/06/10

Happy Wednesday!

I’m sure that my faithful followers have noticed that I didn’t post yesterday.  I apologize.  I know how bummed I get when I visit some of my favorite blogs and they haven’t posted anything for a few days.  Good thing that my lapse was only for a day.  I actually did do some crafting yesterday.  I cuddled up in my bed in front of the TV and worked on “Winter in my Garden”, but I didn’t get much done.  I have a new “first”.  Last night was the first night that I have fallen asleep cross-stitching!  That has never happened before.  Reading, yes, cross-stitching, no.  So, I woke up at about 9:00, I’m not sure when I dozed off (sadly there was nothing good on TV, so I was watching FoxNews).  I think I vaguely remember listening to Greta start her thing, and then nothing.  So, I’m guessing around 8:00, which means that I might have gotten in about an hour of crafting before my auto pilot turned on and went into “snooze” mode.  I do have an excuse.  Remember that yesterday was the students first day back from Christmas break.  I was exhausted by 2 p.m. to tell the truth.  I am equally exhausted today, and we are in another “Arctic Chill”.  My cars temperature gauge registered 10 degrees on my way home at 3:30 this afternoon, and that doesn’t include the wind chill.  So all those people complaining about it only being 40 in Miami today better hush.  I think we will hit a high of 9 or 10 tomorrow.  BRRRRRRRR!!!!  I am ready to relocate.  I think we’ve been above 32 two or three times in the last month.

Ok, enough of my complaining.  I know that some of you, Uncle Bill and Phil in particular, have it even worse than we do, so I digress.  Here is the most up to date photo of my cross-stitching.  I have completed her skirt and some of the window panes with the seedlings in the pots.  Aren’t they cute?  I think they look cute with their little sprouts coming up.  Oh, one more thing…have you ever felt like the world is conspiring against you?  Today I got home and got the mail and was leafing through it and would you believe there was a brand new, never been seen before crafting catalog called “Connecting Threads”???  That’s just cruel.  It has the cutest quilt on the cover with these funny looking appliqued birds on it.  I’m including a picture, just so you can see, what a cruel joke this is.  Not nice, not nice at all. 

Question:  Does it count if I buy an instructional book to make a new quilt with the materials I already have???  (what me, bend the rules?? Never!!)  Stay warm!  Hugs, Erica

Cruel Joke


4 thoughts on “WIP-Winter in my Garden (cont.)

  1. Great progress!!! I love the little sprouts, too. Think Spring, think Spring!

    The quilting catalog is almost as cruel as our receiving the new seed catalogs–three since the day before Christmas. I can’t even see bare dirt at this point. It was finally above 0 degrees here today (yeah) but only because it has been snowing all day (ugh). Bears have the right idea…

    You stay warm, too, and hope the school kids are minding.

  2. BTW… I checked out the Connecting Threads website and they do have some free patterns… not the one for the quilt, but they do have one for a tote bag with cute little bird appliques that you might be able to adapt/use as a jumping off point…:-)

  3. Erica, I don’t think it counts if you buy an instructional book or pattern book,or even buy something you need to finish a project that you have already started. Go ahead and indulge. I know how you and Uncle Bill bought feel, I have received three crafting catalogs, and a Burpee seed catalog. There are some awfully tempting things in all of them, but I am trying to hold back for now anyway. I went to sewing club this morning, and am working on another one of the projects from the closet, so I have two going at the same time.
    Also Erica, don’t feel bad about missing a day of writing something on your blog. You are only human, and can’t get everything done all the time. Take time to sit back and relax too. Stay warm and hope school goes well for you this Spring.
    Love You

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