Winter in my Garden – WIP

WIP - Winter in my Garden from Miribilia 12/01/09

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  I hope that you had a wonderful start to your new year.  I have been busy working away up here in cold Colorado (although today it got up to 38 and it felt quite warm).  I can’t remember a winter where the temperatures stayed so cold for so long, and my heating bill is a witness! 

Here is my current work in progress.  It is called Winter in my Garden, and I have made some progress from the first unfinished business post it was pictured in.  I have completed her upper body and the map that she is holding.  This design is from Miribilia by Nora Corbett, my absolute favorite cross-stitch designer.  There are four designs in this collection, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn.  I have already finished Autumn in my Garden, and it is proudly displayed in my living room.  I am hoping to someday finish all of these so that I can display all four together.  These designs are quite big, even stitched on 32 count linen over 2.  They measure 11 1/2″ x 16 1/2″ and they are pretty humble as far as color.  Each design only uses DMC thread and one color of bead.  The beads in Winter in my Garden are at the ends of the cute little plant sprouts.  I will be excited when this one is finished.  I’m hoping to get it completed in a week.  However, I do go back to work on Monday, so I must motivate myself to work on it when I get home at night and am just being a bum watching television.  I have also been getting inspired by some old editions of Mary Engelbreits magazine, which sadly was cancelled this year.  I have many of her issue from the past four or five years because I find them so inspiring, and I was looking though some of her February issues and have some good ideas for those Valentine’s.  So, I may take a break from cross-stitching for a night or two and make some pretty Valentine’s.  It doesn’t seem possible that it is already January 2010!! Well until tomorrow, happy crafting, Friends.                                                         Hugs, Erica


2 thoughts on “Winter in my Garden – WIP

  1. Erica, this one is going to be a real beauty too. I remember seeing the Autumn one when we were up to see you recently. All four of them would make a wonderful display on your walls. Good luck in finishing it in a week. You are fast, and your work is beautiful. Keep up the great work and progress.
    I have really enjoyed reading what you are writing about your projects. You have a special and creative way that you write, and it is so enjoyable to read. I think you need to write a book. That is in your spare time.
    Love You

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