Wedding Scrapbook Finished!

Last night I sat down at my crafting table, put on some Jane Monheit music, and pulled out my wedding scrapbook.  I started this scrapbook about four and a half years ago after my BFF Erica bought me the materials to create it as a wedding gift.  I don’t  think I’ve worked on it for at least two years now.  Imagine my surprise to open it and discover that I only had a few pages left and the journaling to complete!  I was actually quite excited.  I worked on it for about three hours and had a finished project by 9 pm.  Leading me to question why I had not finished it before now?  I’m sure you other crafters out there know the answer.  We get more things to work on, projects to complete for gifts or special occasions, and then eventually we forget what we still have piled up in the closet.  I am happy to say that this very special scrapbook is now with my other finished albums in a place of honor on my shelves.  It was so much fun to look back at all of the photos from that fantastic day. 

The finished album is from Creative Memories.  The pages are a mix of black and natural, and I was really pleased how the pictures stood out on the black pages.  The colors from the wedding, rose and ivory, are reflected in the papers and stickers, which were also from Creative Memories and Carol Wilson.  You can tell that this is one of my first scrapbooking projects.  It is very simple with the layouts and embellishments, but I love it, because it doesn’t detract from the photos.  Here are some pictures of the finished pages.  Hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve and an even better New Year in 2010!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATHAN! 

 Gosh 2010, where is my flying car???  One more thing before I go, ok two actually.  My mom had two very good questions that I thought I might present here in case you haven’t read the comments.  First, how will I choose which projects to work on?  I’m not sure.  Right now I am just working on those projects that “call” to me, but I may have to think up a better solution in the future.  I am working on my Winter in my Garden cross-stitch and have made some great progress.  It is a wonderful craft to do while watching television or movies (although you need to make sure that you don’t have to pay too much attention, otherwise you will either miss the entire plot of the movie/show, or even worse, you will mess up the stitches on your design and have to take them out and start over – yes I’m speaking from experience).  I think I might show you the work in progress of that cross-stitch tomorrow.  I don’t forsee having anything else finished quite yet.  The second question/suggestion was to have a project swap.  I love this idea, because I know that I do have materials and projects that I’m just not interested in working on.  You could email me your projects that you want to swap (with pictures or descriptions) and I could post them on here and we could work out a fun swap.  What do you all think?  Even if it is not a whole project, like a stack of paper you don’t need anymore or some fabric, ribbon, stickers, etc.  It would be a great way to share what you already have and get something you may need in return.  I would love it.  So, if you are interested, send me your list of projects/materials to eridau{at}gmail{dot}com.  Most of you know this address already.  

One of the bridal pages from the scrapbook.


The bridal party and the procession pages


The petal toss and a family picture page.


Special moments page and the beginning of the reception.


3 thoughts on “Wedding Scrapbook Finished!

  1. ¡ Espectacular! I am so proud of you! The wedding scrapbook is very classy y muy bonito. You are inspiring me to finish my cross stitch projects and the afghan (remember the celadon green one). Keep up the good job!

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