Unfinished Business – Part Three

Scrapbooking "Starts" - Part 1

I have begun the cataloging of my scrapbooking/card making projects.  Now remember that this is what spurred this whole blog in the first place, and it is as bad as I thought.  You know that inability to restrain myself from beautiful things?  Well, way before I even thought of quilting, I was drawn to scrapbook paper.  Oh yes.  It’s sparkly, colorful, textured, I could go on and on.  One of my favorite brands is Basic Gray as you can probably tell by the picture.  I think I have purchased every collection they have come out with in the last three years or so (except for “Archiac”; scary that I can even remember the name of a collection I didn’t even buy).  I will say that with each pack of paper, I had a specific use for it in mind.  Can I remember all of the uses now?  Actually, I can.  Now, I won’t pretend that this is all the paper that I have.  It is not.  I have enough scrapbook paper to wallpaper my entire house (there is an idea!).  However, I am only going to start by listing the packs that I know I bought for specific purposes.  Keep in mind this is only the first picture of my scrapbooking/card making “starts”.  Here are the projects for this pic.

  1. Blank Calendar to create
  2. Michael’s Family Scrapbook
  3. Europe Vacation Album (only one country left to do)
  4. Princess Plan Album
  5. Wedding Album (only two pages left)
  6. Glittered (Martha Stewart) Bird Ornaments
  7. Layered, Embossed, Cards/Ornaments – (from Holly Berry House)
  8. 2- Kitchen/Cooking paper packs (for Recipe book/Recipe card box)
  9. 3- Christmas paper packs (for Christmas cards)
  10. 1- Halloween paper pack (for Halloween cards)
  11. 2- Valentine paper packs (for Valentine’s)
  12. 1- Miscellaneos pack (for general cards)

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