Unfinished Business – Part Four

Scrapbooking/Card Making - Part 2

Ok, here it is, the final posting of “unfinished business”.  I hope.  I don’t think I’ll have any more projects hiding anywhere…but…you never know.  They seem to crawl out of the woodwork when we aren’t looking.  This catalog is a mishmash of projects decoupage, scrapbooking, card making, book making.  Now I need to get working, but I have enjoyed going through all of craft boxes and piles.  It has been a good way to keep my mind off of my impending return to work.  Icky!  Teaching middle school English has its highs and lows, and unfortunately the stretch from January to April tends to be a “low”.  However, I will work to remain positive and focus on finishing some of these projects during that stretch.  Who knows, new opportunities could be just around the bend.  So, what is in the picture?

  1. Unfinished wood frames from Ikea that will be decoupaged with pretty paper.
  2. Pictures from my bridal showers to be scrapbooked
  3. Fall paper for Thanksgiving cards
  4. Materials to make my own books with my Zutter machine
  5. My “Meow” scrapbook from Inspired Memories that I need to fill with pictures of my kitties.

So that puts my total number of projects at………………….29!  Almost one for every year of my life.  Actually I finished one, so that means I can cross of one!  28.  Well…Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go!


One thought on “Unfinished Business – Part Four

  1. You are going to be a busy gal!!!
    How will you decide which projects to tackle first? Will you do one in one column and then move to others? Just curious.

    Good luck, and we are all behind you in your endevor.

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