Unfinished Business – Part Two

Quilting UFO’s

Today I tackled my sewing room (yes I have a craft room and a sewing room, thanks to my generous husband who gave up his office for me to set up my sewing room).  I only started quilting about a year ago, so there couldn’t be that many UFO’s – unfinished objects (as they are called in the quilting world).  However, my inability to abstain from beautiful things, in this case gorgeous fabrics, has led to a “few” projects in need of finishing.  I have one quilt top that has been sandwiched and is practically done…except that I have to tear out all of the hand quilting that I attempted.  It did not turn out well, and those of you who know me well, know that when it comes to crafts, I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  Who isn’t?  So, here is the “finished” quilt sandwich.  Once the handstitching is removed, I will be looking for someone who can quilt it for me.  I’ll be inquiring at my favorite quilt shop ,High Country Quilts, for that .  They are so friendly and helpful there. 

“Almost Finished” Quilt Top
Along with this quilt top I have several other projects to work on.  Here they are:
  1. “City Neighborhood” quilt using Mary Englebreit’s Recipe for Friendship fabric that I bought with my Mom and Grandma in Phoenix on our “girls weekend”.  It will be a wonderful reminder of that special vacation to celebrate my 30th birthday.
  2. A Navy inspired quilt for my Father-In-Law Bill.  I am going to need a few more fat quarters when I get to this one, but since I have 95% of the fabric for it, I must include it on my list.
  3. A quilt of some sort (I haven’t figured out what kind yet) using the Basic Gray jelly roll of fabric.
  4. A table runner/topper made from one of the charm packs in the lower right hand side of the picture.
  5. A small hanging quilt made from another one of the charm packs.
  6. A “mystery??” project making use of the third and final charm pack.
  7. A large amount of bookmarks using the “honey bun” strips in the green basket.  **There may also be another project to come out of those.  I have several packs (four or five “cringe”)
  8. *Not pictured* A quilt project using the vintage handkerchiefs I have collected over the years.  (Thanks to my grandmother’s wonderful friend Jo, I now have a wonderful idea of what to do with them). 

Well that puts me up to 15 projects (at least), and I haven’t even started on the scrapbooking and card making gear.  Uh oh.  However, I’ll leave you with some good news.  I am almost done with my “Vixen” cross-stitch.  Just a few more beads, and I will be able to check one project off of my list.  I hope you all have a great evening, and by the way, Grandma, I’m very excited that I have inspired you to pull out some of your unfinished projects.  Happy crafting!



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