A Finished Project

Vixen - from Nora Corbett's "Christmas Eve Couriers" collection

Well Friends, I’m glad to say that only three days into my resolution I have finished a project!  Her name is “Vixen” and she is, of course, one of Santa’s reindeer.  Isn’t she lovely?  She is approximately 5″ x 6.25″ and stitched with DMC thread, Kreinik metallic thread, and Caron Collection thread (the fuzzy white thread in her tail), and she is embellished with beautiful Mill Hill beads and Crystal Treasures.  I think she is beautiful.  Now she will be taken to the framer and framed.  With this completion comes a dilemma.  What do I do with her?  Keep her? Give her away?  Save her as a gift for next Christmas?  Any suggestions, friends?  Well, I hope that this finds you warm and cozy and crafting away.  Until tomorrow when the scrapbooking and card making list is revealed (uh oh).  Hugs,



7 thoughts on “A Finished Project

  1. Congratulations, Erica! Vixen is a beauty. I think you should keep her as a reminder of your progress.

    What a great idea [your blog]! Had to chuckle to myself, though… you know you come from a long line of un-finished project-ers…myself included. I should be so good as to follow your lead!

    BTW-Thanks very much for the plug on my Etsy site… I appreciate your support!

    • Yes, I agree, the crafting is strong with our family. I hope that this blog will inspire others to finish some of those projects. You are welcome for the plug. Always happy to support the creative, crafters in my life!

  2. Yeah Erica, Congratulations!
    It is a beautiful piece. I think you should keep her also. We so often make things for others that we forget to include ourselves. She will be beautiful on your walls.
    You have been an inspiration to all of us!

    I had a thought. While going through some of my needlework, I have found some that I know I cannot do. Any thoughts on a project exchange? Maybe someone else would be interested in those things that we no longer want or can do? Just a thought.
    Thank you too for the link to my etsy site.
    Love you!!

  3. Vixen is gorgeous Erica! You amaze me how you pulled this site and craft dedication together. Now I can say that I know my personal “Julie and Julia” star and send them to your blog. 🙂

    • How funny Alyce! After I watched Julie and Julia a few weeks ago, I did a search for her blog to see if I could read some of her actual posts. She was much different in her blog than the movie. Her blog is quite in your face and she swears a lot. I was surprised to find that out about her because, she was such a likeable character in the movie. Interesting huh? I won’t hold my breath for a book deal, but wouldn’t that be fun!

  4. Erica I too think that you should keep “Vixen” it is a beautiful picture. You did a great job, and you put a great deal of work into it. It will remind you of the projects you have set out to do and the progress you are making on them.

    Love You

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