Unfinished Business – Part One

My Cross-Stitching Starts

Today, I went through my cross-stitching basket.  I know what you are thinking…a basket?  How much really could a basket hold?  Well, my friends, it is worse than I thought.  Since I have been cross-stitching for over 10 years now, it seems I have amassed quite a collection of projects in search of completion.  At this count, I have seven cross-stitching “starts”, not to mention the many, many other patterns that I have yet to start.  While seven may not seem like a lot.  Those of you who cross-stitch are well aware how long it can take to complete just one.  My first cross-stitch took me upwards of 5 years to finish.  However, I count that as a success, as I did finish it.  So here is my first list of projects that await their fruition. 

  1. “Winter in My Garden”
  2. “Vixen”
  3. “Tigerlily”
  4. “Lemon Crate Label”
  5. “Santa’s Magic”
  6. “Lily Sampler”
  7. “Gathering”

Wish me luck…


2 thoughts on “Unfinished Business – Part One

  1. Way to go Erica. I think your idea is a wonderful one. I have even decided to follow your advise, and have three projects that I have rescued from the closet and will attempt to get done before I start something new. Good luck with your projects. I will continue to watch your progress and give you my support.

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